Check Tamilnadu Electricity Bill Status Online - TNEB

 Tamilnadu Electricity Bill Status Online
TNEB Bill Status
The Tamil Nadu Electricity Board TNEB is a constitutional body formed on 01.07.1957 under the Electricity Supply Act, 1948 as a successor to the previous Electricity Department of the Government of Madras. India, that generates, distributes and regulates the electricity supply in the state. Established in 1957, the agency comes under the authority of the Department of Power.

Check TNEB Bill Status.

In order to know the reading or make a payment you need to know the service number/consumer number. The service number is in the format like XXX-XXX-XXX (for example 121 005 005). This will be available in your previous bill or the old EB card as SC No. In Chennai you need to know the Chennai Circle in which you fall in. Again this can be found in the previous bill or your card or by just knowing which part(North/South/East/West) of Chennai your area falls under.


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  4. virudhunagar dist in which region covered?

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